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Breast Lifts

Included in the Breast Lift Kit are eight pairs of breast lifts and instructions on use. The large cup size comes with 2 packages of 3 pairs each for a total of 6 pairs of lifts.

These breast lifts will provide full support, without a bra. Now available for large cup sizes. Great with swimsuits, backless and strapless fashions.

They are a transparent, waterproof, hypoallergenic adhesive unlike any other breast lift ever seen before.

Bring It Up Lifts are applied to the top of the breast, not underneath, lifting the loose skin and repositioning the nipple to a higher place for a more natural, youthful appearance.

You can try just one pair of lifts for trial. Only $5.00.

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"Bring It Up Instant Lifts" give you the RESULTS of surgery without any of the downsides.

Now you can look years younger in just seconds. "Bring It Up Instant Lifts" are easy to apply, very affordable, completely natural looking, and no one will know you are wearing them! Now you don't have to spend another minute feeling unhappy about your aging appearance because now YOU are in control-thanks to "Bring It Up Instant Lifts."

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