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Instructional Salsa DVD.

International Champion Salomon Rivera. Teaches basic and intermediate salsa and cha cha.

Learn to dance by a professional. Several levels of abilities available.

I have been looking at many many DVD's to offer my customers and this one is by far the easiest to follow.

Salomon has been teaching salsa professionally for over 20years. He is MY personal instructor and is just fabulous.

I have taken many many classes and he is a fabulous teacher.

He has won first in competitions all over the world and can teach you also. From basic to professional. These DVD's will help you in your practice time to become the best.




Available DVD's

1. Basic Beginner

2. Basic Beginner in Japanese

3. 77 cool combinations - intermediate.

4. Cha Cha Beginner

5. Cha Cha Intermediate

6. Shines and More Cool Moves

7. Salsa secrets revealed -

  • Intermediate 1
  • Intermediate 2
  • Advanced Salsa

8. Technique and Styling.





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