Latin Dance is very concerned about your privacy and security. The following will help you understand what we do to ensure that your personal information is secure and kept confidential at all times.

Security & Privacy


We use SSL (Secured Socket Layer) technology which encrypts the information that you input. This is the same level of protection used by the banks and financial institutions to ensure that your bank account information can be viewed online. We also do not store credit card information on our web servers. Once an order is placed the credit card number is immediately masked and cannot be fully accessed. In 30 days it expires all together and even we do not have access to it any longer..


All sales information is kept confidential and is used only for reporting purposes at Latin Dance We DO NOT sell or distribute this information in any form to 3rd parties. Your e-mail address is used to communicate efficiently with you and will only be used once or twice per month to let you know about updates to our product line or web site. You can, however, remove yourself permanently from the list at anytime. As with all information we receive from our customers, e-mail address's are NEVER distributed or sold to 3rd parties. Cookies are a method used to track a customer through their sales process for statistical and shopping cart purposes. We do not communicate this information to any 3rd parties. We use this information that is tracked to help us provide you with a better shopping experience. For example, it has helped us create a system where you can purchase a product with fewer clicks thus saving you time.